Choosing a Useful Niche for Your Blog

Blogs need to have focus. While it may seem fun to funnel all of your joys, observations and venting into one location, that is not the way to gather readers and make any kind of money from your writing. If you want to write a blog that makes money, it is important to find a specific niche and focus the blog on that topic and that topic only. Below are some important considerations while you are brainstorming for a niche for your blog.

1. Know Your Subject (and Enjoy Discussing It)

You are going to spend a lot of time on this topic, researching, writing, discussing in the comments – that is how blogs work. If the topic is something that irritates you or puts you to sleep, you won’t be able to put in the full effort needed to make it successful and keep it that way.

Be sure to choose something that you really know a lot about, so that cuts down on research time, and also that you enjoy focusing on several times each week (If not more often).

2. Look Into Smaller Areas of a Big Topic

Being general about baseball, automotive repair or parenting is not going to bring in readers. You need to find an area of automotive repair that isn’t discussed a lot. This provides opportunity to start conversation and help with issues through your blog.


Meanwhile, you can choose a style of parenting and share details about your specific parenting dynamic and social situation that will impact the way that parenting style is carried out. This is how you build a larger audience and maintain it.

3. Do Something that Others Who Write About the Same Thing Don’t Do

Once you find an area of the niche that is not saturated, it is time to find a way to share a new perspective. You can always opt to look into the situation or circumstance deeply and provide numerous ways to back up your facts. You can decide to consider all options, while other blogs in the niche focus on the popular answer. You can decide to provide the “devil’s advocate” approach and discuss the opposite of what everyone else discusses for popular opinion. Whatever you decide, it is important to choose a focus and work hard to do more and handle that particular perspective better than anyone that is writing in that specific niche. That is how you draw readers.

4. Make it Easy to Read and Useful

5. Finally, when you are writing a blog, it is important to make it worthwhile to visit. This means including information that is valuable to the readers, and it also means making the information easy to find and utilize.

The niche is going to be the basis for the following. Therefore, no matter how funny or engaging your writing style happens to be, you need to find the right niche to really benefit from the hard work of writing a blog.