Why Pet Rabbits are Hard Work

If you’re considering getting a pet rabbit, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you do. Rabbits are difficult pets to keep because they aren’t very resilient. The wrong living conditions could easily kill them. Having a rabbit means constantly having to take precautions. Since rabbits burrow, they need cages with wire at the bottom to ensure that they don’t escape. The placement of these cages is also important. You also need to make sure they’re getting proper nutrition, which can be done with pellets such as Oxbow adult rabbit food. It’s important that their food be treated with care, since rabbits have very specific nutritional needs that need to be taken into account.

By far the most difficult part of owning a rabbit is making sure their living environments are suitable. They’re very susceptible to climate changes and a drastic increase or decrease in temperature is often fatal.

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Bunnies living in an interior are very fortunate, since they do not have to tolerate the excesses of cold or heat, and even insulation, like many of those living on the outside. Bunny cages that are outside must have a sturdy surface, and be placed in an area protected from rain, wind, moisture, and especially direct sunlight during the summer months. Many domestic bunnies die every year simply because many people do not understand that rabbits cannot tolerate extreme heat. These animals cannot perspire, and the only way they can cool off is through their ears. If you live in an area where temperatures rise excessively during the summer, consider these tips to keep your bunny fresh.

A) Put a couple of jugs of water in your freezer. On very hot days, place one of the jugs with iced water inside the rabbit’s cage. Usually, the rabbit will be placed next to the jar to keep cool.

B) Hang wet towels on all sides of the cage, and wet the surface of it, to cool your bunny. This method, however, is not as effective as frozen water jugs. Keep in mind that neither method is a guarantee that your rabbit will not suffer excessive heat, so you should control your rabbit frequently if it is left outdoors during very hot days.

Remember that rabbit food should also be handled with care. You should never let their pellets stand outside for more than an hour or two, since exposure to sunlight makes them lose nutritional value. Keep your rabbit food safe by storing it in a container that cannot be penetrated by sunlight or moisture. It’s important to make sure the food is good enough to properly nourish your rabbit. You can usually consult with a veterinarian about which food will work best. Rabbit food like Oxbow adult rabbit food is generally a good choice once your bunny reaches maturity. Younger rabbits should be eating food specifically made for baby rabbits since these bunnies have different nutritional needs.